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Finally! Affordable Rear Fuel Tank



If you're anything like I am, you're so tired of smashing up your stock, long AF, plastic fuel tank and its crappy skid that runs along the passenger side of your Jeep.

I've been waiting for some time now to replace mine (if you saw pictures of it you'd ask a lot of questions).  Of course replacing it means moving it to the back of the Jeep where that pesky, overly large muffler used to be and why?  Well, that means you can finally DT (double triangulate) the rear suspension.

Unfortunately you cannot DT your rear suspension in a JK/JKU easily because your upper links would hit the stock fuel tank.  Trust me, those TJ/YJ guys are laughing at us on the daily for our choice in Jeep 🤣  Never fear, you can still make it happen but it all starts with this fuel tank and Motobilt has us covered. 

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Motobilt's Jeep JK/JKU Aluminum Fuel Tank


The Motobilt relocation fuel tank moves the fuel tank from the center of the vehicle to the rear, behind the rear axle.  Relocating the tank allows for more suspension and axle options as you upgrade your JK. This tank is designed to be completely bolt in and uses existing holes in your factory frame. No drilling or cutting is required.

This tank is also compatible with the factory EVAP system so no tuning is required. The MB5034(07-11) or MB5035(12-18), included with the tank (please select year model from the drop down), will provide the necessary fuel lines and fittings to adapt it to your current emissions and fuel systems. We will also offer the EVAP kits as separate products. The MB5032 fuel tank is designed to work with the factory fuel pump. The rear sway bar will need to be removed to use this tank.  

This tank allows you more options to modify your JK. With the tank relocated to behind the axle, you can use a Ford Super Duty rear axle to match the popular Super Duty 60 front axle swap. Relocating the tank to behind the axle also allows use of a triangulated 4-link suspension setup. 

Designed as a heavy duty upgrade for the Jeep JK or JKU, this 22 gallon fuel tank features an all aluminum fuel cell constructed from 1/8” thick aluminum sheet that is precision CNC laser cut & CNC press brake formed. The tank is TIG welded for superior weld strength & weld finish. The fuel fill & vent tubes are CNC machined then TIG welded to the aluminum tank body. These machined parts are will still work with the factory fuel fill and vent with the purchase of MB5034(07-11) or MB5035(12-18).

The Motobilt JK Fuel Cell is fully protected by a heavy duty 3/16” steel skid. The steel skid is fully MIG welded & perfectly mounts to your stock JK frame. The aluminum fuel tank is secured to the steel skid using two steel hold down straps.


Requires relocating the factory exhaust at the rear of the Jeep JK / JKU.

Requires removing the factory sway bar and installing a Currie Anti Rock Sway Bar

The skid plate is shipped raw steel and will need to be painted or powder coated.

This tank works with the Motobilt JK / JKU Frame Chop Bumper Installed.

The Installation Manual Can Be Found Here:
Install Documentation

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